Fall Harvest Honey Tasting Class

Learn about the lives of bees while tasting 3 different varieties of delicious honey! We’ll talk about tips for pollinator preservation and activities we can all do to protect the bee populations in our areas. Kit includes jars of honey, tasting spoons and bee facts. This unique offering is a fun alternative to pumpkins and will be an educational as well as delicious event
Customization: Branded tasting cards – $2 / kit

Package Includes:

  • 3 jars of honey
  • tasting spoons
  • Printed insert with bee facts
  • Customized Branded Tasting Cards ($2.50/kit)
  • Live class hosted over a virtual platform
  • International shipping available
  • A great class for families

Pricing: $83/person (including domestic shipping) + $540 instruction fee + Glow’s Planning Fees