Women’s History Game Show

This game highlights historical and modern female figures, politicians, entertainers, and other phenomenal women. From trivia rounds to Finish the Lyrics, to customized artistic challenges, your team will learn more about women’s contributions while having a great time.

Package includes:

  • Each game includes various rounds including trivia, Pictionary, “brain burners”, name that movie/tune, lip sync challenge, and more
  • Live host leads the game via custom website–no downloads required
  • Questions and gaming interface can be fully customized to include your brand and details about your team


  • $479 flat rate for 1 room (11-25 guests per room)
  • $420 per room for 2 rooms
  • $360 per room for 3-9 rooms
  • $330 per room for 10-20 rooms
  • $250 per room for 21+ rooms
  • + Glow’s Planning Fees