Zoom the City

Zoom the City is a smart city hunt game spread out all across America. It was created especially for teams working remotely and would love a chance to “gather” as a group and “play” with co-workers. It has Jeopardy level questions! Lifelines! Questions that require you o put your heads together! Clue cards will take you to your city’s destinations. It’s a virtual scavenger hunt all across America, with destinations you probably didn’t even know existed. Enjoy with a snack or beverage for an extra cost. Cities include New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and more!

Package includes:

  • “Amazing Race” style game for teams of up to 8 people each with 1 captain
  • All teams will start together to learn the game rules before dividing into breakouts to solve the riddles that lead them to the next destination (10 total!) around the city
  • Live host provides teams with hints and keeps them engaged along the way


  • $1,800 flat fee up to 21 guests
  • $2,400 up to 30 guests
  • $3,600 up tp 40 guests
  • $4,200 up to 50 guests
  • $4,800 up to 61 guests
  • $5,400 up to 75 guests
  • $6,000 up to 100 guests
  • + Glow’s Planning Fees