80’s Game Show

Complete ’80s-themed challenges in each store of the mall by answering trivia about sports, music, slang, and more. Finish the next line from ’80s iconic movies, visit the food court for a throwback restaurant game, and hang in the arcade for some video game nostalgia. It’s going to be totally tubular.

Package includes:

  • Each game includes various rounds including trivia, Pictionary, “brain burners”, name that movie/tune, lip sync challenge, and more
  • Live host leads the game via custom website–no downloads required
  • Questions and gaming interface can be fully customized to include your brand and details about your team


  • $479 flat rate for 1 room (11-25 guests per room)
  • $420 per room for 2 rooms
  • $360 per room for 3-9 rooms
  • $330 per room for 10-20 rooms
  • $250 per room for 21+ rooms
  • + Glow’s Planning Fees