Chocolate Bowl Making w/ Lindt Master Chocolatier

Ann Czaja, who has trained professionally in both chocolate and pastry, started her training and career in Zürich, Switzerland and completed a traditional apprenticeship. Eventually she began working for Lindt & Sprüngli as a Lindt Master Chocolatier. In 2006 Czaja returned to the United States and joined the Lindt USA team in New Hampshire and now works as both senior product developer and master chocolatier. Since then she has attended events such as the Emmys and Golden Globes as Lindt’s brand ambassador. Czaja has taught seminars at The Culinary Institute of America and classes on wine and chocolate pairing at Pebble Beach and Aspen Food & Wine. She holds two WSET wine certifications and is a WSET diploma candidate

Package includes:

  • All ingredients to make chocolate bowls
  • Tutorial on how to make edible chocolate bowls using balloons. You will learn about
  • chocolate, how premium chocolate differs from ordinary chocolate, and how to taste like a professional
    chocolatier. Chopping, melting, and decorating techniques will be demonstrated by Anna Czaja
  • Coordination of shipments with chocolate ingredients
  • The kit for this class includes shipping. Client to host on their own platform

Pricing: $7,800 + $120/kit + Glow’s Planning Fees