Designer Chocolate Truffles

The ultimate chocolate-lover experience. Guests will tap into their inner chocolatier as they learn to make a rich, silky ganache, and pipe it into artisanal truffle shells. Once the ganache sets, guests will hand-roll the shells in more chocolate before coating them in a selection of decadent toppings like Dutch cocoa powder, feuilletine (crispy crêpes) and dried raspberry flakes to create their own haute set of personally-designed truffles. We’ll wrap up with the Best Chocolatier Competition at the end of the event!


Package includes:

  • Valrhona dark chocolate & Felchlin mix
  • 14 Artisanal truffle shells
  • Probe thermometer
  • Dutch cocoa powder
  • Dried raspberry flakes
  • Feuilletine (crispy crêpes)
  • Piping bag
  • Gloves

Pricing: $186/ person + Shipping + Glow’s Planning Fees

Disclaimer: Due to supply and demand, our virtual events’ package pricing can fluctuate. For the most accurate pricing and availability, please reach out to our team directly at: