Sunshine Escapes Virtual Hunt

Got a bad case of cabin fever? Embark on a virtual around the world scavenger hunt to sun-drenched beaches and tropical climes. On teams, you’ll follow clues to explore interactive websites and virtual tours in search of answers to tricky questions about landmarks, natural wonders, historic events, stunning artwork, and much more in locations such as:

Package includes:

  • A rollicking festival in the Bahamas
  • Ancient ruins in Asia and Latin America
  • The mansion of an eccentric tycoon with a view of Miami
  • Treasures on sun-baked shores around the Mediterranean
  • Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  • On-demand game app that can be accessed by your guests at any time on desktop or mobile


  • $900 flat rate up to 15 guests
  • $54/person for each additional guest up to 35
  • + Glow’s Planning Fees
  • **Custom quotes upon request for larger groups